Tips in Grooming Your Beard

Hair on the head and facial hair are not very similar for several reasons. When you have shaved before, chances are your facial hair has become coarser. Thus, when you are trying to grow a beard , then the inevitable dryness, itchiness and redness would occur as well as when you scratch your beard, you will not just cause pain in relieving the itch, but you will also mess up your beard hair. There is a very easy way- just keep in mind to follow these important rules in beard growing so you can have a great beard day.

First of all, when taking a shower, use an excellent beard shampoo when washing your beard. It is also ideal to use lime, aloe vera or natural oils since these are great to clean up the dirt as well as the buildup on skin pores and facial hair. When you avoid doing this, you would just be causing more itchiness in your face. Just rub in an ample amount of shampoo gently in the roots and tips of your beard. Massage it using your fingertips as lightly as you could. After that wash it with water and you can use a beard conditioner if you want. Using a conditioner is a great way to tame your facial hair and make it look neat and clean.

The next step is to use a clean towel to dry your beard downwards while it's still wet. Do not go upwards since you would make it frazzled up. So go downwards not upwards- work with the gravity. While your beard is still damp, utilize a comb. When you have a thicker beard and you want to detangle it, then you must use a comb with wide tooth first since narrow-toothed combs would pull on the tangles. Again, comb it downwards as smoothly and lightly as possible.

Thirdly, you need to use an excellent beard softener either as a wax or an oil form to give it a great hold for the entire day. You should only use a little of it and then comb your beard again. Doing this is quite important since an oil like olive or jojoba is very ideal to use in reducing scratching and itching, and it would work to lessen beard dandruff.

Finally, you can use a beard trimmer if you want your beard to have a uniform length. It has various length setting so you can determine what beard length you want to maintain. Want to find out more about growing facial hair? Visit for more info.